The BC Silver alert is voluntary and op-in only. You will only receive an alert if you subscribe via one of the following four alerting channels. When you get an alert, check to see if you are in the same area as the missing person. If you spot someone, follow these instructions.



Email is the most reliable way to get updates on missing persons. When we post, you’ll get a quick email with a summary and a link to the article.
Enter your email address to subscribe to and receive notifications of new alerts


@BCSilverAlert on Twitter

Follow @BCSilverAlert on Twitter. When there is an alert we will automatically tweet the headline and a link to the article with the hashtag #BCSilverAlert

On an Android device you can “Star” the account – this will cause your mobile phone to beep every time an alert is posted (a few times a year). See more about how to set up your Android device to receive notifications from specific Twitter accounts.


BC Silver Alert on FacebookLike BC Silver Alert on Facebook. We will post alerts with the title and a link to the full text.

Updates on missing people will appear on your timeline.
Facebook Screenshot


BC Silver Alert RSS FeedRSS Stands for “Really Simple  Syndication” and a number of mobile applications and services can subscribe to updates using this protocol. Use the RSS Link to subscribe.

Feed or news reading applications exist for most mobile devices. Feedly is one of the more popular ones.

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