Alert Fatigue

A missing person with Dementia, Autism or other cognitive issue is a medical emergency. Their lives are in danger, and the public is in the best position to offer assistance

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Missing Senior Found by BC Silver Alert

This weekend a missing senior was found by a follower of the BC Silver Alert. While we consider this to be a success for our program, we’d like to highlight this event to make suggestions on how the Silver Alert could be more effective in the future. Missing seniors, with dementia (either diagnosed or suspected), […]

One year of Silver Alerts

The BC Silver Alert is one year old this month. A Year of Silver Alerts Last year when we went “live” we had our first Silver Alert (a missing person, publicized by an official agency, who met the criteria) in just the first few hours of operation. Thankfully, that alert like so many of the others this […]

Silver Alert Concept

Most of us are familiar with an Amber Alert. You’re driving and you hear this sound on the radio, followed by a description of the child who is missing, the person suspected to have taken them, and usually a licence plate. You didn’t know about the licence plate? Take a look at the Amber Alert criteria, […]

CBC Early Edition

1 year after #Alzheimers patient @shin_noh went missing in Coquitlam,his son pushes for Silver Alert for seniors #cbc — CBCEarlyEdition (@CBCEarlyEdition) September 18, 2014