The BC Silver Alert is a collaborative project initiated by the following individuals:

Sam Noh

Sam’s father Shin Noh went missing on September 18th, 2013 at 10:30 am. Shin had Alzheimer’s disease. He was the subject of a large search by RCMP, Search and Rescue and hundreds of volunteers. He was never found. Sam is an advocate of the Silver Alert because of the circumstances of his father’s disappearance. Shin Noh is still missing.

Shawn Bouchard

Shawn’s relative went missing from her care home on December 2013. She had Alzheimer’s disease and was also the subject of a massive search by police, Search and Rescue, and members of the public. Her disappearance ended in tragedy when she was found deceased.

Michael Coyle

Michael has been a Search and Rescue volunteer since 2001, and was a SAR manager involved in the search for Shin Noh. Mike has been involved in many SAR tasks looking for missing people. His expertise in responding to people who have wandered has led him to believe that a Silver Alert would be a useful too to help find missing people.